“Rest in Paradise” Staceski
“Rest in Paradise” Staceski

“Rest in Paradise” Staceski

“Rest in Paradise” Staceski

Written by RatPoison

One day after this interview we received the tragic news that @staceski died in a car accident on May 16th 2023. She was a fierce warrior who lived against all odds and made major sacrifices to become the free and sovereign person she was.

In these last difficult years, she found friends who think alike on Twitter.

She joined Yellow’s Don’t Stop Believing Spaces daily and became a member of the DSB group chat. Her thoughts and stories made us smile and worry at the same time but motivated us to continue with everything in life fearlessly.

We say good-bye to a true Bitcoiner and friend in her own words:

“Rest in Paradise Queen and enjoy the ride!”**Thanks to efforts by plebs such as Jedi and Shinobi, Staceski’s eldest daughter has been set up with a WoS lightning address; all donations can be sent to: closedmelody23@walletofsatoshi.com


Notes from Stackchain Magazine: This was part of an article in volume one of Stackchain Magazine that featured an interview with the beloved Bitcoiner Yellow. Considering that it includes a donation address for Staceski’s daughter it felt right to give this loving excerpt its own post. From all of us at Stackchain Magazine, Rest in Peace Staceski.

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