The Art of GFY by Nobody (aka Seven)
The Art of GFY by Nobody (aka Seven)

The Art of GFY by Nobody (aka Seven)

The art of GFY

by noBody

Before Stackchain was accidentally conceived by ArizonanHODL’s $5 broke as hell stack, Bob’s very specific $6 reply stack, and my $7 on top of that, there was nothing but months of “pain” for bitcoin holders. But for many of us, we were thrilled – sats were the cheapest they’d been in months, by a lot!  And we were acquiring satoshis like nobody’s business.

In fact, until those three serendipitous, very-clear-pattern-forming stacks, it was just that: nobody’s business but our own. I personally had never shared a screenshot of a bitcoin buy before. I’d seen Vikingo do it, but never really understood why I would too. Later I realized he was simply showing his conviction and trying to get others to stack with him.

At this point Bob and I were already pretty good friends, and we both followed ArizonanHODL. Seeing Bob show his conviction by posting a measly $6 buy inspired me to jump in. I thought “GFY Bob” and one-upped him just as he had clearly done for Arizonan.  Bitcoin Twoter (I refuse to spell it correctly – gfy Twoter, you utter shitcoin of an app) might never be the same again. 

In my mind, double dipping wasn’t going to be allowed. I thought, “let’s see if any other BT characters come out of the woodwork and see how far this can go.”  Assuming we might reach 30 or so, I tagged in Tao for the $8 buy, but he had been on a twoter hiatus and missed his chance. Why? Because here come Bob mfers, who got antsy for the next stack and famously walked down to the ATM to add cash, get it into his Strike account, and stack, obliterating my notion of single stacks. This changed absolutely everything. All of a sudden it was crystal clear: we are here to stack mf sats and/or go fuck ourselves. Literally the only catch was (and still is) that it needs to be a consecutive chain of stacks in $1 increments. 

More BT friends saw the thread and what originally moved slowly enough for Bob to walk his fat, old, dumb ass down the street and make moves quickly became a chaotic frenzy to post the next block. My second stack was 11 where I specifically stated, “I don’t like seeing you guys get all the sats 😤.” This of course was a lie; it was fun as fuck. We were buying the hardest money known in the history of human civilization… together. 

There was a silent, mutual understanding of the context as well. Fuck shitcoins, fuck price noise, fuck tweeting thinkboi shit into the depressing void that was twoter, fuck the Fed, fuck your feelings, fuck fiat, fuck everything. We were (and are) here to stack our dicks and/or tits off. We are here to Have Fun Stacking Sats.

All of a sudden, it wasn’t just mutual follows stacking on the chain. Anyone who joined—no matter if they were a yellow muppet nobody like me or a black trans Jewish lesbian—would be liked, followed, engaged with, and downright celebrated. What a fucking blast!

With a snowball effect of new friends and fervent stacking hitting you in the face like a freight train, this thing took off. My assumption of 30 or so blocks was out the window.  Stackchain was officially raging, and 313 days later as of the time of writing, at stackheight 3340, it’s still going strong.

It hasn’t been all nutting and rainbows though. It became evident very early on that forks can and do happen when two people post the same block simultaneously, or simply by not finding The Tip correctly. They were dealt with by RBF’ing to The Tip via stacking another dollar and combining/proxying the first attempt over. But make no mistake, arduous fork wars have occurred in which both sides refused to ca-tip-ulate for extended periods of time (see: the Fork War of 1666). 

Soon we invented stackjoins so that small stackers could still participate by joining forces for a full block. This tradition is still alive and well, with bitcoiners being able to post a buy of any amount anywhere on twoter as long as it contains #stackjoin and is added to the “mempool” to be configured into a block with others.

We also invented sidechains, which are analogous to the lightning network in a way, as they can exist completely outside of the one true Stackchain. Once the “hash” is sufficient for a full block, it gets proxied to the #stackchaintip nice and tidy, linking the last sidechain block in the main chain block so anyone can scroll up to validate the “proof of work”. Sidechains have included fondness for attractive booties (#azzchain), music (#musicchain), touching grass (#TGchain), art modified to include Bob’s dumb face (#bobartchain), tiny stacks (#microstack), and MANY more (see #SCsidechains for a running list). There is truly no limit to the variety of sidechain themes and they were key in gaining confidence that this Stackchain thing truly has no limit.

The Proof of Work that has come out of all this is nothing short of astounding. Hundreds of plebs and a number of influencers have partaken. Some like myself stick around like junkies addicted to the fun and engagement with like-minded peers, and some just drop a stack and mute the chain once they get blasted with nonstop and highly regarded notifications.

Unless for some reason twoter’s Shitcoiner-in-Chief somehow nukes us all, it’s never going to stop. We are collectively addicted to having fun stacking sats, building tools for ourselves, and making memes and videos for all stackchainers old and new alike, and we’re not going anywhere.

So whether you’re a “laser-eye maxi” as one famous douchebag likes to call us, a shitcoiner thinking of wisening up, or a nocoiner who knows deep down that something insidious (*cough* the fiat slavery system) is underlying the messed up world around you… come join us!

Stackchain is ABSOLUTELY NOT an exclusive club for those who joined in the early days. It’s simply a never-ending twoter thread of psychopathic sat stackers who said gfy to the bear market blues and made something beautiful. We’re just here to show our conviction, grow our stacks, and have a great fucking time.

Everyone else can go fuck themselves. We don’t care about price and will continue ensuring stackheight go up until we’ve bought every single satoshi that weak hands will part with, or until fiat dies. Whichever comes first.


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