The 10 Commandments of good Bitcoining
The 10 Commandments of good Bitcoining

The 10 Commandments of good Bitcoining

The 10 Commandments of good Bitcoining

By Parman


#1 – If you don’t understand it, I DO have time to explain it to you – you’re welcome.

#2 – Help people from getting scammed and stop caring if you are appreciated for it or not.

#3 – Don’t attack a shitcoin victim, attack the scammer.

#4 – Be sceptical. Don’t TRUST the science, BE the science. Verify everything for yourself, within reason. Run a knowde. If it’s too hard, ask for help.

#5 – Have no heroes. Be your own hero. Bitcoin doesn’t depend on anyone AND it depends on us all.

#6 – Don’t increase your wealth by hurting or exploiting others. Increase your wealth by helping someone else. Resist being selfish. Help humanity, not just you and your family.

#7 – Always ask where possible, “would you like payment in dollars or bitcoin?”, then spend and replace.

#8 – Be open minded and change your mind when it’s called for with grace. Change someone else’s mind in such a way to preserve the shitcoin victim’s dignity.

#9 – Disobey orders when it’s right to do so. Act with integrity and courage. Remember that Nazis were “just doing their job” and following orders.

#10 – Accumulate Bitcoin not just for you and your generations, but also for humanity, to help Bitcoin succeed. Helping others see the value of Bitcoin has flow-on effects as they will eventually help others. All your efforts will be magnified.

These are difficult standards to live by but he or she who follows them shall walk beside Satoshi in the Citadels.

Note from Stackchain Magazine: No Bitcoin (or inferior monies) were exchanged for this article. This article was written Parman is one of the most trusted sources of information in the Bitcoin Network, he’s written a ton of articles and how to’s that you can find on his website you can follow him on X @parman_the, or you can tip him at

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