A Brief History of Stackchain.
A Brief History of Stackchain.

A Brief History of Stackchain.

A Brief History of Stackchain.

Anthony von Dessauer

Welcome to Stackchain where we celebrate stacking sats. A place where technical analysis has no meaning to us; only stackheight matters. A meme that is signaling the most basic principle of Bitcoin in the fuddiest of times. We are Bitcoiners, and we save our time and labor in the most sound money in human history. We stack sats. It seems appropriate in this first edition of Stackchain Magazine to give a brief explanation and history of Stackchain.

In short Stackchain is a conduit for the hopeful and creative nature of Bitcoiners in a world that does not understand us. On July 18th 2022 pleb ArizonanHodl tweeted a screenshot of a small $5 smash buy and humbly suggested, 

“Even on days when I’m broke as hell I still stack. Feel free to join me.” 

What he had really done was tap into the quiet power of every Bitcoiner on the planet. The power to stack sats. And he invited us to exercise that power with him. And we did.

In what is the longest chain of replies to a single tweet in the history of Twitter, Stackchainers created a chain of smash buys, each one a dollar more than the previous, which has swallowed millions of dollars and turned them into pristine Bitcoin.  It’s  a powerful display of stacking solidarity that will soon be approaching 1 year of non stop shitposting. All this while storing our time and labor in a money that can’t be debased, which is slowly making us wealthier while we escape the influence of the fiat narrative around us.

Stackchain has also become an incubator for some of the greatest content to come out of the Bitcoin community. From a deluge of memes that seem to pour out of Stackchain as if the memeing was being streamed in real time, to iconic Bitcoin jams that you just can’t seem to get out of your head. To the community spaces hosted by myself, and now a periodical, Stackchain Magazine. 

We’ve gotten the attention of Bitcoin companies, most notably Swan, which invited this article’s humble author and others to a panel at Pacific Bitcoin 2022. And even devoted some of the companies resources to include the stackchain function of #stackjoin in their company app and invited Stackchainers to a Hackathon, which we won.  Fold encouraged Fold users to stack on The Stackchain during a promotional launch. There are even rumors that Strike was talking about Stackchain in the early days because so many stacks were stacked using Strike. Stackchain has even birthed a Bitcoin company, Proof of Ink, soon to be printing Bitcoin gear that readers like yourself will no doubt be wearing.

But most notable is the good that stackchain has done in the world. Aside from stacking our faces off and squirreling those sats away, an act of altruism in itself, we have had a positive impact on many communities around the world. We stacked sats for kids in El Salvador and Bitcoin Ekasi, we stacked a 3D printer for the school at Bitcoin Lake. We Stacked for Hodlonaut. And we even planted the seeds of a Bitcoin Community in Venezuela: Tachaira Homestead is currently building their Bitcoin Education center from sats donated by Stackchainers.

Stackchain has provided a home for Bitcoiners to do Bitcoin things. To be Bitcoiners in an active way. A shelter from the mainstream illogic in the world and a place to support one another. Deep and meaningful relationships have been shaped by Stackchain. The world is a better place when we stack sats.

We are Stackchain, and we celebrate stacking sats. We help plebs understand Bitcoin. We help Bitcoin communities around the world and watch them do amazing things. But mostly, we have fun stacking sats. 

Feel free to join us.


Anthony von Dessauer


A note from Stackchain Magazine: The author was not paid by Stackchain Magazine for this content, if you felt it was entertaing and or educating, consider tipping the author at the LNURL valitnikov@sathoarder.com


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  2. Ruben

    Very few things in life have real meaning without the sacrifice of time and energy.

    Whether it’s cultivating good habits, keeping a marriage strong, raising resilient kids or learning from past mistakes.

    Take the easy path, your probably a shitcoiner.

    Stackchain’rs always take the path less traveled. Stacking our asses off fervently and compulsively, all hours of the day night. Stack the green candle, yup. How about the dip? Uh Huh. Charts? We wipe our asses with charts.

    We stack sats cuz we’re both simple minded and brilliant, not unlike the autistic asylum inmate eating scores of eggs daily just to see what the farts smell like.

    We are a resolute bunch of inbreds, stacking sats, picking fights, quitting twitter and rejoining days if not hours later.

    We come back cuz we know that is where our real friends are, waiting patiently for us and that smash buy which is sure to follow.

    To us, each sat is a seat on that train to the Bright Orange Future.

    Stackchain psycho’s are Proof Of Work

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