Stackchain is for Builders: How Building on Stackchain led to Building on Nostr
Stackchain is for Builders: How Building on Stackchain led to Building on Nostr

Stackchain is for Builders: How Building on Stackchain led to Building on Nostr

Stackchain is for Builders: How Building on Stackchain led to Building on Nostr

by Derek Ross

We say that Stackchain is the gamification of buying bitcoin; however, it’s much larger than that. It’s about building. It’s more than just Bitcoiners having fun in a bear market, stacking sats, doing what they were going to be doing anyway. It’s about building a community. Who would have known that the simple act of buying bitcoin, creating memes, and having laughs would have grown into the phenomena that it is today? No one could have foreseen the community and the relationships that have been built, all because of Stackchain.

This is the story of two Bitcoiners that met through Stackchain and ended up building a Nostr business together. 

Last year during the early days of Stackchain, I met a fellow Stackchainer who just seemed to click with me. His name was Semisol. We seemed to get along great, have lots of laughs, and we both wanted to build with Stackchain. We wanted to take our Stackchain passion and technical skills to grow Stackchain, to help it flourish. Together, we brainstormed about how to build a website for Stackchain; we wanted to build an application so that Stackchain could survive off of Twitter, to make Stackchain its own platform. As a former entrepreneur, this truly excited me. While our hearts and our minds were in the right place, Stackchain wasn’t ready for this.

In the beginning, we saw Stackchain’s potential to grow and we tried to steer Stackchain with growth plans and business proposals. It took us a while to realize that no one can control Stackchain and especially in the early days, it was way too hard to even suggest moving forward with anything. That is, except for our beloved Stackjoin proposal. Everything else flopped.

In the end, Semisol, as a talented developer, moved on to other areas of interest, where he could contribute and grow a platform. He reached out to me several times and told me to try something called Nostr. I gave Nostr a try and laughed at him. I told him that Nostr was barely usable, had a horrible user experience, and just was not worth my time. I didn’t realize that we just didn’t need to build it.

Fast forward a few months later and I noticed several Bitcoin developers were talking about Nostr, which even managed to gain the attention of Jack Dorsey. In mid-December 2022, I tried Nostr again. This time it clicked with me. Nostr was to social communication what Bitcoin was to money. Decentralized. Censorship resistant. Open source. People were building.

After reading and studying the protocol, I quickly realized that I was able to provide a service for not only myself to utilize, but also for many of my Stackchain friends that were starting to get curious about Nostr. I bought the domain name and started Nostr Plebs, a Nostr service provider. Nostr Plebs was filling a need for both myself and the Nostr ecosystem. I was able to build, to feel like I was contributing to the space and through this, provide a service that was wanted and needed by others. My entrepreneurial thirst was quenched. I finally had my Bitcoin adjacent business.

Nostr Plebs was an instant and overwhelming success. I clearly needed help. I immediately thought about my old Stackchainer friend, Semisol. Based on our previous conversations, I knew that he not only had the drive to build a service, but also had the technical skills needed. Together, we built the first NIP-05 ID service provider for Nostr. Together, we continue to grow our Nostr services, providing microservices to help grow the Nostr ecosystem. From ID services, to email, to Lightning addresses, to directory services, to audio communications, Nostr Plebs is a prominent name in the Nostr ecosystem.

Stackchain allowed two like minded Bitcoiners to find one another, discuss their passions and skills for building, and to ultimately build a service provider together. Due to all of this, I say Stackchain is beautiful. It’s beautiful because we’re not the only ones building. Stackchain embodies builders. Whether you’re building Stackchain content, building your bitcoin stack, building the community, or branching out and building new businesses, it all started with a simple $5 bitcoin purchase. That’s the beauty of it.


Stackchain Magazine notes: You can follow Derek Ross on Nostr via (npub18ams6ewn5aj2n3wt2qawzglx9mr4nzksxhvrdc4gzrecw7n5tvjqctp424) or on X (booooo) at @derekmross. Derek was not paid by Stackchain Magazine for this article, so if you found it entertaining or enlightening consider dropping Derek a tip, LNURL

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