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BTC Trading Cards

BTC Trading Cards

BTC Trading Cards


When I think of community I think of bitcoin. I imagine a group of like minded people on a mission for the same positive outcome. It’s like high school again and your crew of misfits are looking for something to do Friday night. Talking smack and threading the needle as you all try and sew up a thousand ideas that all lead to the same thing, a good time with your friends. 

This is how I see stackchain, this is how I see bitcoin, and this is how we make the unfortunate situation that is our broken monetary system a mission for change. 

Don’t dwell, Act!

Don’t bitch, change! 

Don’t procrastinate, STACK!! 

Encourage others, find camaraderie among friends and newcomers. Spread change with fun and find new ways to excite others to do the same. 

    “This mission is futile and it can’t be done,” they say. The days will be long and full of news that will make you want to lose hope. The uninformed will seem reluctant and piss you off with their massive lack of shits given when so many shits should be given. It is up to you to stand tall and fight hard, make memes, and drop facts.  Make new friends and build new communities. Stack those sats and teach others to do the same. 

   Series 2 of Bitcoin Trading Cards is proud to introduce the stackiest of them all, the shits that never stop giving, the community of pirates, pilgrims and psychopaths. 

This is #Stackchain !!!

Now their mission is holographic, sealed on cardboard, soaked in a UV coating and part of a tangible scarce collection of the dopest cards ever produced! 

Stay humble, Rip packs and most importantly…. STACK SATS!!


Notes from Stackchain Magazine: No sats (or inferior monies of any kind) were exchanged for this article. It was not a paid advertisement nor was Aladdin paid to contribute. But if you found it entertaining or enlightening you should go get you some Bitcoin Trading Cards here because they are sic as fuck!

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