The Glaziest of the bowls!! #GoPios
The Glaziest of the bowls!! #GoPios

The Glaziest of the bowls!! #GoPios

The Glaziest of the bowls!! #GoPios

What happens when the bitcoin crab market gets a little out of hand, and everyone is tired of all the drama in the spaces? Tired of all the fighting over pointless drivechains and how to “make bitcoin better”? I’ll tell you what! FOOTBALL! 

That’s right, the folks at stackchain had a buddha sized hole put in their hearts after an intense rage quit from the beloved TARD chat, but the good man George decided not to wallow in the pity left from this tragic rage quit and went on the hunt to find not only the missing piece for us tards, but what was missing in the bitcoin crab market. A team who didn’t care about the drama. What happened next was not only a movement for us TARDs, but was a movement for bitcoin itself. 

He stumbled upon a lone coach by the name of Coach Buddha, who unknowingly would become a symbol of community to us all. After adding coach buddha into TARD chat, it was discovered that he’s a real coach for a real team. And this team would do more than just take the hearts of bitcoiners everywhere – it would move the community as a whole! 

We discovered they had just played their first game! The Glazer Bowl! And for the second consecutive year they brought “the golden glazer” home in an impressive victory against Wisconsin Lutheran! FOOTBALL! Both teams fought hard in the first quarter but Wisconsin didn’t stand a chance against our almighty team with their magnificent mascot Pio Pete! They tore the field up with a final score of 54-7! 

Coach Buddha was asked how pre-season went for the team; he responded, “We had a really good camp and our guys have worked hard to improve the little things!” Little did he know those little things added up on the field and destroyed the competition! Well done team! 

It was an enhanced atmosphere at the home stadium as this was the only home game of the season. The team is well on their way to making it to the top! We also asked the beloved coach what he thought of the Wisconsin Lutherans; he stated, “Wisconsin Lutheran plays hard and they’re very well coached.” He added, “We have to make sure that we take care of the football. They are very RPO predicated, so we need to remain disciplined on defense, while taking care of the football on offense and matching the intensity that they bring to the game.” You can watch their games live AT:

I can tell you one thing for sure that this frog is MORE than excited to see what the team is going to do next and can’t wait!

Note from Stackchain Magazine: No Bitcoin (or inferior monies) were exchanged for this article. #GoPios is the only acceptable sportsball talk allowed on The motherfucking Glazor is our bitches!!!! Wisconsin Lutheran can suck it!

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