Go Fuck Ourselves
Go Fuck Ourselves

Go Fuck Ourselves

*Go Fuck Ourselves*

Here at Stackchain Magazine we hold ourselves to the highest standards of journalistic excellence. Our team of designers, editors and producers work tirelessly to bring you the purest of signal, by plebs for plebs.

As hard as it might be to believe, we fucked up harder than people who bought hex.

In volume 1 of Stackchain Magazine one of the finest humans on the planet wrote an article for us. He is kind, and  smart, and handsome, he probably smells terrific, and we sure do appreciate him. That must be why we shit all over him in an inexcusable act of disrespect by printing the twitter/X handle of one the scammer bots that impersonates him. 

So we would like to take a moment and publicly state for the record that we are sorry @DerekMRoss. We hope your scammer didn’t get too many followers as a result of us misprinting your handle on hundreds of copies of the first edition of stackchain magazine. We’re sorry that dozens of us didn’t take two fucking seconds to double check that. We will try to not be complete and total bitch noodles in the future. 

We here at Stackchain magazine, humbly beg your forgiveness and declare, Go Fuck Ourselves.


Notes from Stackchain Magazine: No sats (or inferior forms of money) were exchanged for this article. This Article was written by Anthony von Dessauer on behalf of Stackchain magazine.

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